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Easiest Credit Card To Get

Is it easy to get a new credit card? The term easy credit cards usually implies a credit card account that is easy to qualify for. Everybody agrees that credit cards are very easy to use right? You just swipe and sign. You don’t even have to know cursive…you just scribble down a doctor’s signature and take your bag of items.

Now qualifying for a credit card is a different story.

You might know right off hand that bad credit usually disqualifies you from opening a new credit card account. However, did you know that having no credit history or having little credit history can also count against your credit score? It’s true. Not having any history with credit cards is just as risky as having adverse credit items.

Furthermore, having only one card with a small credit limit doesn’t do you any favors.

Ideally, you want a few open accounts with medium to high credit limits so that you have access to a lot of credit and thus have positive credit utilization. So how can you qualify for easy credit cards and new accounts? First of all, try and selectively apply.

Applying for multiple cards at a time actually lowers your credit score. What bank or card issuer you apply with will depend on your unique situation. If you are a young person or new to the country, then you might do well with a limited credit bank card.

Sometimes children can qualy for a credit card account based upon their parent’s name.

If you have a job or a residence of your own (with utility accounts) this is favorable credit that can certainly get you started. What if you used to have a credit card and other accounts but have been relatively inactive for a number of years? Check to see if the accounts you remember are still open. Some companies will automatically close accounts after a period of inactivity, whereas others may have to be ordered closed by the cardholder.

In addition to credit cards, remember that store cards, utility accounts, vehicle notes and rent can be considered good credit. It isn’t easy getting credit cards but a lack of credit history is sometimes better than a bad history with multiple liens, judgments and repossessions. On the subject, what if you want easy credit cards but cannot seem to qualify for new accounts because of your adverse credit history?

If this is the case you may have to look into subprime lenders.

These lending companies don’t have sterling reputations like a well known bank would, but they do have a base of consumers they work with. These companies may or may not require some form of collateral, depending on the type of credit limit you hope to get.

However, all of these contracts will require that you have some sort of income and residential history. Rent, utility bills and vehicle notes do count as positive credit items. Remember this and don’t be afraid to make inquiries!

The best way to go about finding easy credit cards is to study your credit report and then proceed to apply at a financial institution that works with your credit profile.