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Easiest Credit Cards – Interest Free Credit Cards


Credit Cards With The lowest Interest:

Here you will find a complete list of credit cards which has the lowest interest rate than most credit cards out there.

Some of these with no annual fee at all, this will make you save money every month if you carry a balance and pay off

your credit card debt quicker by using these low interest rate charge cards.  All the credit cards listed below are available for Canadian residents to apply.

Capital One®

  • Low annual interest rate of 14.9% on purchases and balance transfers
  • Annual interest rate for cash advances is 19.8%
  • May help you strengthen your credit history
  • Security funds may be required


Scotiabank Value® VISA* card

  1. VISA Perks – exclusive VISA card holder discounts available at many popular merchants. Visit visaperks.ca to learn more.
  2. Pay down balances faster
  3. Save hundreds of dollars a year
  4. Interest free grace period of at least 21 days on purchases
  5. 16.99% interest rate
  6. Simplify your monthly payments
  7. 20% AVIS rental card discount


MBNA TrueLine MasterCard® Credit Card

  1. Add authorized users at no additional cost
  2. Enhanced security and protection with Chip & Pin technology
  3. 9.99% annual interest rate on eligible purchases
  4. Around the clock fraud protection
  5. Exclusive Platinum benefits and peace of mind
  6. No annual fee

Desjardins VISA® – Modulo GOLD

  1. Cash advances up to $5,000 a day, anywhere in the world
  2. Payment holiday feature where you can skip the minimum payment twice a year
  3. Accord D Desjardins financing, a second, separate credit limit
  4. Earn up to 1% of your purchases in BONUSDOLLARS
  5. Rewards program allows you to accumulate BONUSDOLLARS and exchange them against travel, gifts, tickets to shows and Desjardins products and services
  6. The country’s lowest annual fixed interest rate: 9.9%

TD Venture Line of Credit VISA® Card

  1. No interest-free grace period
  2. Low interest rates based on TD Prime
  3. Apply only once! Once you’re approved, yearly renewal is automatic, with no business plan review or interview (as long as your Account is in good standing throughout the year)
  4. Line of credit with Visa Card convenience
  5. Approved based primarily on your personal creditworthiness

BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard

Fees and Rates:

  • $6.95 Annual fee
  • No Interest charge
  • More info: link